Same Day Teeth

The “Same Day Teeth” dental implant treatment is a solution for patients living with few or no teeth and suffering as a consequence. 

This is for people looking for an immediate solution for their upper jaw, lower jaw or both jaws and for people who do not want to wear dentures at any time. Most of our same day teeth patients are time poor and/or hate the thought of having to wear dentures.

An acrylic bridge is usually attached to between four to six implant fixtures on the same day the implant fixtures are placed. Our dental surgeon and experienced dental technician work together to provide “Same Day Teeth”.

“Same Day Teeth” really can change your life and have changed the lives of many of our patients so far. For patients facing the possibility of losing most, or all, of their teeth, “Same Day Teeth” is a real consideration to make. 

This treatment has been developed to provide patients with the opportunity to go home the very same day with fixed functional teeth and a new smile, not needing to wear dentures nor having the embarrassment of having no teeth over a period of time.

“Same Day Teeth” provides a stable and comfortable restoration helping patients to chew and eat all foods helping to improve their diet and health. 

Patients have reported how this treatment has helped improve their confidence and self esteem in all walks of life.

The initial acrylic bridge is replaced after six months with a definitive bridge. You have a choice of materials from which the definitive bridge is made: acrylic/composite fused to metal or porcelain fused to metal.

The “Same Day Teeth” Pathway:

  1. Attend for an assessment and planning. A 3D CBCT scan is arranged for you.
  2. “Same Day Teeth” Day. Any remaining teeth are removed. Four to six implant fixtures are placed and a provisional bridge fixed to them.
  3. The implant fixtures integrate with the jaw bone over, up to, six months.
  4. The final metal reinforced bridge is made and fixed to the implant fixtures.
  • Arrive with missing or failing teeth and leave with new smile with teeth in a day procedure.
  • For those who do not want to wear temporary dentures or want treatment completed quickly.
  • Experienced implant dentist working with highly experienced dental laboratory technician to fabricate an implant supported bridge.
  • Replaces whole arch or both arches of missing/failing teeth with a fixed bridge attached to implants in 1 visit.
  • For patient who have either no teeth or have failing teeth and perhaps currently wearing dentures.
  • As temporary bridge is fixed, patients are free from dentures on the day of surgery.
  • On day of surgery any remaining teeth are extracted and between 4 and 6 implants are placed, bone augmentation may be carried out at the same time as placing the implants.
  • The laboratory technician adapts a pre made temporary bridge and the clinician attaches it to the supporting implants.
  • 4 to 6 months later, allowing for the implants to fuse with the surrounding bone, the final metal reinforced bridge is fitted.


  • Minimises the number of appointments needed.
  • A fixed temporary bridge is fitted as opposed to a temporary denture means that the patient has fixed teeth throughout the entire treatment pariod.
  • For people who have endured badly fitting dentures or loose/wobbly teeth for years, being provided with a natural looking secure comfortable bridge attached to implants is life changing.

Same Day Teeth is for Patients Who:

  • Currently wear denture(s).
  • Perhaps suffer from low self esteem due to badly fitting loose or wobbly dentures especially when eating and talking.
  • Currently have a failing bridge and do not like the thought of wearing dentures.
  • Want fixed teeth through the treatment period.
  • Enjoy food but are currently limited to eating soft foods.

Same day teeth can help increase a patient’s self confidence and are life changing.